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About Granville
The Town of Granville Massachusetts was founded in 1754 and is located in Hampden County.

Granville has a picture perfect scenery with its crystal clear mountain streams that are surrounded by wild blueberries and crisp Macintosh apples as well as Granville cheese are just a few things that make the town prominent.

The town has the radiance of the apple blossoms in May and the falls canopy of oranges and reds from the maple tree that line the roads throughout the changing seasons and make Granville a more rural country side community than any other. It’s a place you’ll never want to leave!!

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Kinderland Arts & Activism Festival
The first Kinderland Arts & Activism Festival benefiting Camp Kinderland will take place in Tolland, Massachusetts over Labor Day weekend, September 3 to 5, 2016. The festival will bring together musicians, artists, and dancers, with activists and organizers for a celebration of art as an agent of peace. The objective of the festival is to bring together those who want to make the world a better place, and to surround them with the music and art that is already doing it. Featuring Dar Williams and Guy Davis, + 15 bands, artists, organizations, and local food and drink, this family-friendly festival promises to be a great time! Come for the day on Saturday or Sunday, or come for both days! Stay the weekend with us tent camping and shared-cabin stays are available! Children 17 and under get free day-tickets for Saturday and Sunday!

When: Sep 3, 2016 11 AM in Granville, Massachusetts
Cost: $80 - $275 depending on overnight accommodations preferences (Sat, 03 Sep 2016 11 )

When: Sep 3, 2016 6 PM in Granville, Massachusetts (Sat, 03 Sep 2016 18 )
PMN Summer Gathering 2016--INCLUDES LODGING
Does music inspire you to dream that a better world is possible? Do you want your children to experience musical traditions that carry this message? Are you looking for a musical community where singers, listeners, songwriters, fans, are all welcome in the same place? If you answered yes to any of these, youll find much to be excited about at the the 40th annual Summer Gathering of Peoples Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle, which takes place June 3-5 2016 at a new location: Camp Kinderland in Tolland, MA. Camp Kinderland has a rich history of bringing together artists using music for progressive social change. It also has a beautiful facility, including a lake and the Paul Robeson Theatre, which will be the venue for both the Friday Night Concert and the Saturday Night Round Robin. The Summer Gathering is similar in format to the Winter Gathering, except that participants may sleep in cabins on the same site. Camp Kinderland has a large capacity. Paul Robeson TheatreThere are options to camp, regular cabins with bunk beds, and many private and semi-private rooms available. Camp Kinderland is less than 3 hours from Boston; less than 4 hours from NYC; just one hour from Hartford, and a half hour from Winstead, CT. We will be organizing carpools for folks seeking to share a ride. Check back for updates and subscribe to PMNs mailing list for registration info coming out in April 2016! 2016 PMN Artist in Residence: JoeJencksJoe Jencks is the 2016 PMN Artist-in-Residence. His service follows the following PMN Arists in Residence: Kim and Reggie Harris (2015); Magpie (2014); Emmas Revolution (2013); and Si Kahn (2012). Joe wrote up a letter, describing what PMN has meant for him in the past and what he hopes to give back to PMN next year.

When: Jun 3, 2016 5 PM to Jun 5, 2016 2 PMin Granville, Massachusetts
Cost: 0 - 185 USD (Fri, 03 Jun 2016 17 )
Unifier Transformational Healing and Expressive Arts Festival
Honoring and bringing together different sub-cultures, this gathering is a sacred world music festival, a yoga festival, a live art show, a dance party, a place for ceremony, for permaculture, for sculptural works and circus arts. All at a beautiful forested camp with a lake for swimming and kayaking, just an hour west of Springfield, MA.

When: Jun 17, 2016 12 AM to Jun 17, 2016 12 AMin Granville, Massachusetts
Cost: $75-225 * contact the Presenting Organization listed below for ticketing information (Fri, 17 Jun 2016 00 )
Town Of Granville Annual Block Dance Presenting Truck Stop Troubadours SOLID COUNTRY GOLD SHOW With Special Guest Vicky St. Pierre
Solid Country Gold is a Truck Stop Troubadours Production covering songs from the Golden Age of Country Music Artists George Jones, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, Farron Young, Ray Price, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and several others and showcased by the Ameripolitan Band -Truck Stop Troubadours. Special guest vocalist Vicky St.Pierre adds the sass performing songs by Country Gold Female artists Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Jesse Colter, Jeannie C Riley. Together Brian Chicoine and Vicky St Pierre (Cash Is King) brings to life duets by Johnny Cash & June Carter. 6:30pm - 9:30pm Videos Jackson Video: Times A Wastin 11 Granby Rd Granville Center, MA RAIN DATE WED JULY 6TH #SummerConcert #TownOfGranville #ThingsToDoInMA #LiveMusic #CountryMusic #TruckStopTroubadours #MAEvents #AnnualBlockDanceParty

When: Jul 2, 2016 6 PM to Jul 2, 2016 9 PMin Granville, Massachusetts (Sat, 02 Jul 2016 18 )
Kinderland Arts & Activism Festival
This family-friendly festival for the public will bring together musicians, artists, and dancers, with activists and organizers for a celebration of art as an agent of peace. The objective of the festival is to unite those who want to make the world a better place, and to surround them with the music and art that is already doing it. There are two major components of the festival. The first will highlight music from around the world with a focus on progressive values, including jazz, folk, children's, klezmer, world, rock, and hip hop. The festival will also feature other forms of artistic expression including painting, drawing, sculpting, jewelry, weaving, drama, comedy, and dance. Artists will exhibit and sell their art, put on performances, share information about upcoming shows, and offer classes and workshops for adults and children. The second essential components of the festival are activism and social justice. It is our hope that providing the community with access to organizers in the nonprofit world will enable the event to produce agents for change, networking opportunities for change-makers, and the tools necessary to make a social impact. Nonprofit organizations and social justice communities will distribute information, host networking hours, offer organizing workshops for youth and adults, and make announcements during the festival. By embracing the crossroads of art and activism, we can encourage artists to use their works of art to better the world, and encourage creativity and beauty in social justice organizing. In addition to these two main components, local vendors will sell food and drinks, and the festival will be Zero-Waste in an effort to do our part to be environmentally sustainable and educate others about the benefits for our planet of recycling, reusing, and composting. CHILD TICKETS: Children 17 years old and under have free day access to the festival on Saturday and Sunday, but MUST RESERVE their free tickets. The fees associated with Child overnight stays are $40 for weekend tent camping per child, and $100 for weekend shared cabin stay per child. In order to reserve Child Tickets, an adult must first purchase their own tickets to ensure that a guardian will be accompanying any children. Once the adult purchases their ticket, they will receive an email confirmation containing a unique password to access the Child Ticket options. Return to the site and enter this password in order to view and reserve all Child Ticket options. Adults may reserve up to 4 free child passes per adult.

When: Sep 3, 2016 11 AM to Sep 5, 2016 12 PMin Granville, Massachusetts
Cost: 0 - 275 USD (Sat, 03 Sep 2016 11 )

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